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There is a multitude of information available to parents related to their children.  The following is only a sample and will be added to as we discover new sites.  



Supervised Visitation Network:    Information for parents related to visitation.


Single parents and child visitation: 

An article discussing visitation from a legal perspective.



Information on legal issues involving custody and visitation, parental exchanges of children, and other legal issues.


Idaho Legal Aid Services: 

Provides legal services for low income people on issues including custody and visitation.




Child Friendly Exchange Handbook: 

A handbook on how to handle exchanges of children between parents so that the exchanges are in the children's best interests.


Co-parenting after divorce: Tips for success: 

An article by a clinical and family psychologist on making child exchanges work for the children and the parents.



Child Development Institute: 

Wide variety of information, including child development, children's health, single parent parenting and parenting in general.


Single Parent Center: 

A wide variety of information on parenting with a focus on being a single parent, including forum discussions on a wide range of topics.


Empowering Parents: 

Discussion of numerous issues regarding parenting and child behavior.


Legal Issues:

ADA Family Court:

Canyon County Family Court:

Supervised Access to Children:     

IRFLP 717 - Published by the Supreme Court 


Idaho State Bar: 

Resource for help in finding Idaho attorneys who practice family law. 

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