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Child Advocacy Services of the Treasure Valley is dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, child-friendly environment in which parents can spend time with their children when it is necessary that visitations be supervised or monitored by a neutral third party.  The visits can be court-ordered or simply by agreement of the parties.  Child Advocacy Services does not advocate for one parent or the other and plays no role in custody decisions nor do we make recommendations to the court. Our goal is to provide a safe environment in which parents and their children can spend time together with the focus on the children's comfort and safety and provide fact-based information for the court.

Child Advocacy Services also provides a safe environment in which parents can safely exchange their children when it is necessary to use the services of a third party to ensure that the exchanges are safe for all involved and occur in the best interests of the children.


In addition, to supervised and monitored visitation and safe exchange services, Child Advocacy Services teaches parenting classes to help parents deal with specific problem behaviors in their children and to help parents become better and more effective parents in general.

​Our Staff

Child Advocacy Services' executive director is Patsy Flaharty.  Patsy has extensive experience working with children and families in Idaho and Wyoming.  She has supervised and monitored countless visitations and exchanges in her years of working with children.  Patsy is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network as well as the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.  She also is a member of the Idaho Guardian and Fiduciary Association. Patsy has attended numerous trainings on parenting, child safety, domestic violence, child development, visitation, child sexual abuse, and child and family psychology.  Patsy has taught numerous parenting classes, including Nurturing Parenting Skills for Families and Parenting the Love and Logic Way.

Patsy has 4 part time staff that helps her with her daily duties of supervised visitation as well as parenting classes.  

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